Film:  We The People (2018)
Wonderland Entertainment Group:  Director, Co-writer

Plot: a worldwide study of economics and politics in order to bring Peace to the Planet. In Oneness let’s become the change we want to see in this World. 

Media:  Trailer (YouTube)
            Film and cast information (IMDB)


Film: The Cure: Healing the Mind, Healing the Body
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Director, Co-writer

Plot: A worldwide journey into healing the mind, healing the body, and healing the planet.  A transformative and inspiring documentary to lead a healthier life and heal the World.

Media: iTunes (Buy)
Film and cast information (IMDB)


Film: Shamanic Trekking (2018)
Wonderland Entertainment Group:

Journey to the source of Shamanism in Peru with the indigenous Q'ero tribe located in the High Andes mountain region. Find the path to your Destiny.

Media:  Trailer: (YouTube)
Film and cast information (IMDB)

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Advertising Commercial: XL Energy Drink
Wonderland Entertainment: Co-director and producer

Media: Trailer “Agent XL” (YouTube)
Trailer “XL Dance War” (YouTube)
Trailer “XL Ice” (YouTube)
Trailer “XL California” (YouTube)


Film:  Red Passage (2014)
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Executive Producer

Based on true events and set in 1970s, Red Passage, is the moving and inspiring journey of a young Hong Kong boy going from a British colonial state school to a mainland Chinese run school, during the Cultural Revolution, in Hong Kong

Media:  Trailer (YouTube)

Film:  Femme: Women Healing The World (2013)
Wonderland Entertainment Group:  Producer
Director:  Emmanuel Itier
Writer:  Emmanuel Itier and Amanda Estremera

Plot:  A documentary featuring interviews with 100 influential women from around the world.

Media: Purchase the film at Amazon.com, iTunes and Vimeo
           Femme: Rotary Peace Conference (YouTube)
           Trailer (YouTube)
           Film and Cast information (IMDB)
           Hear from the Director Emmanuel Itier, pt 1. and pt.2
           Piers Morgan Show with Sharon Stone (CNN)
           Women Healing the World (Growing Bolder)
           How We Can Heal The World (Huffington Post)
           FEMME Documentary Review (Splash Magazine)
           Emmanuel Itier Talks About his Documentary FEMME (Examiner)
           Interview with Celeste Yarnall (2012) (CelestialMusingBlog)
           Emmanuel Itier Talks About his Film FEMME (2012) (YouTube)
           FEMME: Women Healing the World (Care2)
           FEMME Screening in Malibu, CA (2012) (Examiner)


Film: Attila (2013)
Director: Emmanuel Itier
Writers: Emmanuel Itier (Screenwriter) and Anthony Ferrante (Screenwriter)

Plot: When American soldiers inadvertently steal Attila the Hun's secret riches, the wrath of the barbarian is awakened; the mummified warrior will stop at nothing to kill the intruders.

Media: Trailer (YouTube)
           Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  The Invocation (2012)
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Producer
Director:  Emmanuel Itier
Writer:  Emmanuel Itier, Sharron Stone, Amanda Estemera, Gemini Adams

Plot:  An exploration of the notion of 'God' and World Peace through Religion, Spirituality, History, Science, Politics and Arts

Media: Trailer (YouTube)
           Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  Scarecrow Slayer (AKA  (2004)
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Producer

A college freshman is killed during a fraternity prank and is resurrected as a demonic scarecrow

Media: Trailer (IMDB Trailer)
           Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  Scarecrow (2002)
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Producer
Director:  Emmanuel Itier
Writers:  Emmanuel Itier, Bill Cunningham, Jason White, Stephen Wozniak

Plot:  A high school outcast who lives in a trailer with his mother finally meets a friend. He wants to ask her if they can go the next step, but then sees her kissing another boy at a party. He runs home only to find his mother having sex with a drunk. He starts yelling, but is countered by the drunk when he suffocates him and makes him look like he hung himself. The scarecrow comes in when the boy's soul is pushed into it. He goes out for revenge..

Media: Film Trailer (YouTube)
           Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  Dennis (2001)
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Producer


Media: Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  Reasonable Doubt (AKA Crime Scene) (2001)
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Co-Producer

Plot:  A homicide detective investigating a series of sex murders in L.A receives help on the case from a well-known sex therapist with a dark secret.

Media:  Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  Wild Flower (2000)
Wonderland Entertainment Group: Producer

Plot:  When a scion of LA industry dies in the arms of a prostitute who won't hand him his heart tablets, his three squabbling adult children head for a weekend at the family's remote, high-desert cabin to sort out the estate. Ethan, the ambitious, cruel eldest brings his mousy wife Jackie. The ne'er-do-well brother Dennis, with an alcoholic past and big gambling debts, brings his new girlfriend, Zoey. The youngest, Audrey, seems detached. At a rural gas station, Dennis rescues a woman from an abusive boyfriend, and he invites her to stay with them. She's Nichol, and she looks vaguely familiar. Who's aligned with whom in the struggle for money and control? Who's weak, who's strong?

Media: Film and Cast information (IMDB)


Film:  Shattered Image (1998)
Wonderland Entertainment Group:  Associate Producer

Plot:  Confusing realities surface in this paranoid film dealing with the fragile nature of a young woman (Anne Parillaud) recovering from rape and an apparent attempted suicide. In one reality, she is a killer destroyer of men. In another she is the new wife on a Jamaican honeymoon with her husband (William Baldwin), who is trying to help her recover. Which is real is the question as the story unfolds.

Media: Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  Progeny (1998)
Wonderland Entertainment Group:  Consulting Producer

Plot:  An unsuspecting woman is impregnated by aliens who are experimenting on the human population.

Media:  Trailer (YouTube)
            Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  Another 9.5 Weeks (AKA Love in Paris) (1997)
Wonderland Entertainment Group:  Consulting Producer

Plot: When John travels to Paris to attend an art sale hosted by his old flame, he begins a torrid affair with a gorgeous woman (Angie Everhart) who used to be her best friend. As the erotic tension between them builds, John finds himself drawn into a dangerous new obsession.

Media:  Trailer (YouTube)
            Film and cast information (IMDB)

Film:  The Dentist (1996)
Wonderland Entertainment Group:  Consulting Producer

Plot: Dr. Feinstone has everything, a beautiful wife and a successful career in dentistry, but, when he discovers his wife in an affair, he realizes that behind every clean, white surface lies the stench of decay. Having gone insane, he enacts cruel dental torture on his patients.

Media:  Trailer (YouTube)
            Film and cast information (IMDB)