Wonderland Entertainment Group was founded in the
1990's as a true voice for independent filmmaking.


We have been at the service of inspired filmmakers to bring forth their vision and let them create the movie of their dreams. We have established ourselves around the World as a strong ally to finance, produce and distribute your next pictures. Here is the team behind this hard work in perpetual progress and Re-Evolution.




Emmanuel Itier

Emmanuel has directed three features, produced numerous films within the last20 years and also consults as an acquisition executive for distributors in the USA and France. 

To learn more about Emmanuel Itier, please visit the International Movie Database (IMDb).


Bernard Itier

Executive produced all Wonderland productions. He has been very instrumental with financing and fund raising.


Roxanna Bina
Head of Acquisitions

Roxanna acquires new projects to be developed in house.

To learn more about Roxanna Bina, please visit the International Movie Database (IMDb).


Françoise Itier
Head of Marketing

Françoise has helped Wonderland productions to be properly exposed in the marketplace.